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About us

Specta is a leading organization devoted to problem solving in total. We have over 10+ years of Industrial Experiance with a variety of industrial applications and situations. we are experts in the trilogy of welding- NDT - Metallurgy with testing and laboratory experiance. we have qulified ASNT Engineers with NDT level - III in 5 methods (UT, RT, PT, MT& VT).

To Become a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Proffessional, certification alone is not enough; detailed study about what to be done, how to be done, limitations, procedures ect.

what can be found out by NDT?

By destructive testing, physical properties such as Tensile strength, Compressive strength, Impact Strength etc. Can be found out, but the specimen needs to be destroyed. This leads to huge cost in Testing and development. Thus the cost of Quality increases and hence the price of the product too.

Assume that a small scale casting industry produces approximately 100 casting per day. The physical properties can be found out by taking a sample and preparing a specimen from it. The specimen then can be subjected to destructive testing. The results are used to judge the properties of the other 99 samples. If the sample fails in the test, the whole lot is rejected. Also selection of samples leads to high level of sampling errors. By Non-Destructive Testing all the 100 casting can be checked without destroying any, and to find the harmful defects.